Becoming a member

The Boss Factory is a licensed and accredited wealth-building organization that involves profitable business and investment initiatives. We adhere to a strict recruitment policy that ensures all members are fully-qualified to participate in business, investment and commercial operations.

Form a Business

Qualifying members will be assigned to a fully-functional business equipped with real-time assets, partnerships and the privilege of personalization.

Open Investment Account

Qualifying members will be required to open an investment account and participate in market investing and private investments directed by specialists.

Establish (A) Credit

Qualifying members must establish favorable credit in order to acquire the necessary financing for business opportunities and ventures.

Join a Mirror Group

Qualifying members will be required to join a Boss Factory Business and Investment group where they will duplicate the actions of Senior Executive Members.

Recruit a Muse

Qualifying members must recruit a motivated prospect to mirror their actions as they gain experience in real-world business and investment opportunities.


Over 18

The Boss Factory is ideal for young entrepreneurs that are prepared for real-world business experience, and only accessible to individuals 18 and above.